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Select sensor for motor feedback

The choice may be driven by one of the most important factors such as ruggedness or low power or through traditional and customary use in certain situations.

Texas Instruments UCC21530 / UCC21530 Q1 Isolated Gate Driver

Texas Instruments UCC21530/UCC21530-Q1 Semiconductors Drivers

Renesas Electronics ISL8210M 10A Step Down Power Module

Renesas Electronics ISL8210M Semiconductors

Industrial Internet of Things powers today's locomotives

All of this automation increases efficiency, saves millions of gallons of fuel, increases safety, and extends the life of today's locomotives.

Designed at very high voltages

Designing products for the region requires very different thinking, component selection and interconnection, often in areas where low-voltage product designers don't even have to think about it.

Effectively select and apply current sense amplifiers to better manage power

This article will describe the selection criteria for shunts and current sense amplifiers based on accuracy requirements and cost.

How to use fingerprint authentication to protect microcontroller-based IoT devices

This article shows how to use SEN0188 to add fingerprinting security to facilities that use IoT networks, making them more resistant to hacking or physical attacks.

Renesas Electronics ISL8282M 15A Hybrid Digital Buck Module

Renesas Electronics-ISL8282M- Semiconductors

Design high-precision industrial sensing system front end

This article discusses the key components and parameter requirements for accurate, high-performance industrial sensing and signal conversion front ends.
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